I just had a cigarette and my cutting down must be starting to take effect. Just one cigarette has given me a feeling like which I haven’t had since I gave up smoking weed three years ago. I feel light headed and detached from reality. All you dope smokers out there, quit, and just have one cigarette a day. The effects are pretty fucking similar. Shit, I think I need to lie down.

Thinking about it, I guess that the effect is simply caused by a reduction to the supply of oxygen to the brain, but it feels like cannibis. Give it a month or so and I’ll be ready to quit completely. Smoking sucks, and it’s expensive. I have better things to spend my money on.

6 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. I remember that feeling. Having a cigarette after a few months makes you turn green, feel green.

    So I have one every half-hour to prevent this feeling =P


  2. @ mushroomfestival: True.

    @ Nordicvs: Paying UK prices for your smokes, no matter how much you make a year, would make you ‘green’, as you saw your ‘green’ diminish in handfulls at a time, due to your ‘passtime of choice’.


  3. Smokes are around 10 dollars per pack here, which is apparently twice as much as the USA prices. I don’t know what UKers pay for smokes, though.


  4. Via the real-time exchange rate site, I can state with some veracity that perhaps, ciggies may not only be exorbitantly priced here in the UK.

    £4.05 ~ 8.25 CAD and
    £4.90 ~ 9.99(6) CAD surprisingly!

    (Or not as the case may be : )


  5. Yeah, sounds about right. I’ve paid a little over 10$ for a pack a few times–usually at a Mac’s store or 7/11. Mainly 8 or 9 something.

    Now I just buy a pouch of tobacco and roll by hand. Makes me feel like a cowboy, I reckon.



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