Another early morning

I might give up on any future attempt to sleep in as it is pretty futile. The only time recently that I have stayed in bed past 8am is when I had a skin full last weekend. Sleeping when drunk is not of the same quality as sleeping when sober, so sleeping in is pretty much pointless anyway. I feel that my body now has a routine. It isn’t one I asked for, I hasten to add, but every morning I’ll be awake between 7 and half past. Even yesterday when I didn’t retire until after 1 am, and this morning despite being woken at 3 am by some twat out in the street banging on his own, or someone else’s door. I closed the window and went back to sleep.

I do the same with car alarms and home alarms and anything else to. Do you think that it is because of the proliferation of these alarms, invading or peace and quiet that I just ignore them? Does anyone actually investigate when they hear an alarm going off? Be it property or automotive? The number of times I have heard some fuckers alarm ruining my aural health is beyond measure and I have become desensitised to it. One day, or course, someone’s alarm will sound off because they really are being burgled, and the irony will be that everyone shuts their windows and goes back to sleep. The boy who cried wolf…

Anyway, I don’t think Sarah likes me waking up so early, even though I try not to wake her (and have been successful these last two mornings in not rousing her). She likes to sleep in (after midday yesterday) and keep me with her. She says she loves to wake up next to me. I guess if she starts getting up 5 hours earlier that will be possible. When I wake up I cannot stay in bed, I have to do something even if it is just making a cup of tea or writing.

I’ve managed to con myself back into getting involved over at FileFront. I’ve taken a position as a Forum Advisor, which is basically a glorified layabout. It suits me perfectly as I have all the access I could need without the responsibility of the top job. I’m happy to leave that to the new kids, but I know that I have experience, knowledge, and perhaps more importantly respect within the community that they will find useful. Also, I guess it is because I can’t, for love nor money, tear myself away from there. It’s difficult to judge as yet which way the forums are going to go. Most of my online friends have left and headed over to Devious Tyrant, and there is inly really Kory and Sarah still at GF that I talk to on a regular basis. There are some good people there, dont get me wrong. Most of the good people can be found by clicking on the Blog links to the right on this page. However, there are many more half-wits and morons. I guess if anything, I can help to clean up some of the trash.

But GF is not my forum priority. That lies with Devious Tyrant. Together with my Admin team, I’m hoping to really kick that place up the ass in the New Year. Between then and now it’s a chance to get ready for the ‘grand re-opening’. I’m going to realign the main forums whilst Kory and Thomas work on some new graphical shit. Then we’re going to look out for the best forum additions available. Themes, arcades, RPGs, Stores. Everything I can think of. Sorry, everything we can think of. I’m looking forward to it already. Stay tuned for more info.

And finally, if you get the chance to see the new Stepford Wives movie, don’t watse your time. Watching paint dry holds more entertainment value.

2 thoughts on “Another early morning

  1. GF does seem to be declining each day farther into a place not worth visiting. Too many idiots and the promotions of people not everyone entirely likes.
    I’m eager to see what you and the other administration team have for DT. I should shift my forum time and invest less in GF, methinks.


  2. Good point about car alarms. Shit, it’s no different here. After once starts crying bloody hell, you’ll hear either something smash or someone yell: “Shut the fuck up!” Until the moron shuts it off and wipes off the bird dung which set it off in the first place.

    I don’t even pay attention anymore.

    PS. GF sucks.



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