Everything is fine

Computer seems to be working fine now. I just installed and ran Rome: Total War and the intro movie went over without a whiff of lag. Lat time I ran it, it was as slow as a cripple crossing a street dodging cars. But all is well by the look of things.

So, thanks to the guys at Mikom for taking care of her for me. Really appreciate it. I’m going to be adding some more RAM, courtesy of Mikom too. Gonna see how fast we can get this bitch to fly. It’s the least I can do since they’ve been so bloody good about everything.

So, what was the issue? It was something related to the BIOS and the fact that Windows XP doesn’t work with Hyperthreading. Home Edition, that is, Professional does, I believe. I don;t know how it happened, or what they did to fix it, but throughout the last 5 or 6 hours, I have had no performance issues at all.

One thing that isn’t fine at this time is Sarah’s farts. The stench from her anus is not unlike rotten dog food. Seriously guys, if I could set this up for scratch n sniff, you’d be vomiting into your keyboards. It is fucking disgusting.

Another thing that is fine is Nordiblog. He was hosting the thing on Blogger, but they’re a pile of motherfuckers, and a good friend like Nordy deserves something a little more special, so we’ve moved him to the DT family. Welcome aboard, Thomas, may your blogging days be fruitful.

Shit, it’s 23:00. I haven’t been up this late in days. Work has been a total fuck on. Three days into the week and I feel like I have got nothing done. But still, so tired. The place is draining me at the moment. I put it down to morale being so low. Today redundancies were announced. I won’t be affected, but I know people who are, and as you can imagine, they’re not very happy about it. When you couple that with the pay fuck up we’ve had to endure recently, you can see that things aren’t great at work. Still, the bad times have to come to an end eventually, and I’m going to stick at it this time. I’ll see it through and hopefully things will improve.

On that note, I think I’ll try to persuade Sarah to come to bed (and leave the farts at the door). Good night all….


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