16 thoughts on “Hmm…

  1. No one has ever called me that. Cute!
    *Blush* :}

    My name is Wesley Laker, some people took to calling me ‘Laker’ unsurprisingly but due to their accent it sounded more like ‘Lakah’ or Laka & so, for a bit of anonymity I guess, I decided to play with those letters a bit.

    I guess that perhaps the ‘Alkaseltzer’ brand was in my mind when I came up with that.

    For those of you that don’t know / never hear of the stuff:
    n : a commercial antacid; tablets dissolve in water to give an effervescent solution


  2. Wha?
    I am lost but anyway here is my addition to the rambling discourse:
    ‘Don’t be facetious, it is not becoming of you.’

    To the one TRUCE:
    If you’d gone with Cretu you would have been responsible for an ‘Enigma’. Hoho ho!

    Search for ‘Wez Laka’ on google… *wow* I am top of the list!
    (Ok some comments I posted are.. wgaf same diff.)

    Bet you are all shocked now.(?) 😐


  3. I only search for “tits” on Google. For everything else I use Altavista.

    Sigh. A sad bunch of Googlites the net has become…


  4. Ooh check ‘Mr Alternative’ out!

    Hey Mr Counterculture please tell me what’s it like on the other side? 🙂

    Oh yeah… My comments are the first link on Altavista for the same search too!



  5. Why is that alternative? I began using Alatvista as my primary search engine back in 1999 and have not seen any reason to be a little googler.

    If I am “Mr. CounterCulture,” then you must be “Mr. Big E-company Slave.” Or “Mr. Trendy.” Eh? =P


  6. I see no reason to rely on another search engine when the indexing system of the one I use will include all the (meaninglful) pages of the others plus some more.
    Altavista’s *was* the leading search tech., …it was surpassed. Thus far it has not reclaimed it’s *former* glory.

    ‘little googler'(?) where do you get these ‘wonderful’ concepts from…? 😐


  7. For actual websites, I agree that Google seems to be superior now. I don’t know for certain. But it *seems* so. (However, I’ve never been denied something I was looking for there.)

    But for images, Altavista is still better–I’ve tested it, many times. Google will get different, and sometimes less, hits, and often many of it’s pages will be exact repeats of previous pages.

    A clever way of claiming it has “the most hits” when it just cheats here and there.

    Oh, I have a million concepts in storage 😉


  8. Great!
    It is good to see people doing their duty these days, such as yourself keeping so much at bay to ensure no harm comes to the world.

    In short, keep it to yourself buddy.

    (J/k :P)

    Anyone heard of the sitcom/ improvisational show, ‘Trailer Park Boys’?


  9. That’s not palapable tension in the air… that’s just Nordicvs’ digestive processes making their way outside his body.

    I get the hint though, ‘not a public discussion forum’.


  10. Oh, buddy, I DARE you to get on there and post a thread, the topic of which is “Which is better, Google or Altavista?”

    I’ll be all over that like white on rice. Or Uncle Ben on your leg while you’re trying to cook rice. Generally, they’ll be an “on” theme =P



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