Computer problems

One thing that frustrates me is when something isn’t working, something I use all the time, and I can’t do anything to fix it. When it comes to computers, I’m useless. Any idiot can run a forum or write a blog or teach themselves basic html, but where this idiot falls down is hardware.

I have a computer which is pretty up-to-date. a 3.2 mHz Pentium 4, 1024 DDR RAM, some ATI video card… I recognise these basic components and I know that in the broad scope of things it’s a pretty decent machine. So… Why oh fucking why is the damn thing so slow?

I’ve ran virus scanners, every spyware killing program under the sun, registry editing things, and it still lags terribly when using, wait for it, Media Player. Shit, if it was Doom III on the highest possible settings I could understand some lag, but Media Player? That’s just retarded. Trying to run Firefox, Outlook and Media Player at the same time is becoming tedious. It’s almost making want to not be here right now typing this. So frustrating!!

When it comes to computer hardware I’m pretty much useless. I figured that it isn’t down to any spyware or virus that it’s slow, so that only leaves the possibility of some malfunction with the physical components. Is the Processor broke? Over-heating? I have no clue and I don’t know how to fix it. So, time to call the experts. I’m going to admit defeat and tomorrow call someone to take a look at it. To figure out what the bloody problem is and, if necessary (or possible) fix whatever damn peice of kit is causing the prblem. Processor? Motherboard? I’ll pay to get it fixed, because if I keep this up for any longer I’ll be going out next weekend and buying a new machine. I want to avoid that expense. I can think of better things to do with a credit card.

I guess it isn’t worth me waiting for a miracle, so I’ll see what ‘the experts’ have to say.

One thought on “Computer problems

  1. In this respect I would venture that I am a ‘geek’. (If you are running XP that is – I understand all OSes of course, but my practical experience of linux is puny compared to Win sytems? Why? It’s just what most of my clients – human clients, not some application – use.)
    I would give any self-styled ‘expert’ a run for their money & would be willing to prove myself as one of the top people in my region.

    It actaully frustrates me to read what you describe because I know from vast amounts of know-how & experience that it will be something straight forward & that as often is the case, more likely than not, some guy without the training & qualifications will butcher your system. Or offer a costly solution that yes ‘fixes’ or returns the system to workable state but via a totally unnecessary & costly procedure, that ignores the more effective solution.


    If only you were round the corner…

    I could have had your system diagnosed, tested & then tweaked for perfomance *& backup*, running as best as it possibly could, with a recommendation where to purchase any parts required at the best price to you, normally inside 3 days & my prices are competitive.

    People have no scope for what is possible so alot of people conclude that what I must have done is swapped their machine for a new system. 😐

    If you feel me offering is contrary to the protocol of your blog, then please remove but don’t dismiss this offer. Overnight courier is only £10.46 inc. with £100 damage insurance.



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