Mushroom Festival in Hell?

Yes, but what is in a name?

The wind is howling and the time is right for fear
In the emergence in the phosphorescent tears
And all the hippies gonna lick the mind of god?
They’ve already been immersed in the wad

The wind is howling and the sea is boiling down
The mind is the water, the mind is the water
’cause it’s a mushroom festival in hell
’cause it’s a mushroom festival in hell


They say a change is as good as a holiday (have you ever wondered, as I have who ‘they’ are? The ones who say all this shit?) so I figured I could breathe some life into my wilting blogging career with a change of site, change of style, change of mood. So, here we are, welcome to The Mushroom Festival in Hell.

I’m going to try to be more light-hearted than I have been in previous incarnations of this blog. Both RandomWords and Deviant Discourse inherited much of the bad feelings I had in years, or months past. I believe, and perhaps I am wrong, that having ‘darker’ blogs caused me to look at things with a negativity which was unnecessary. This is an attempt to undo that negativity and to start having some fun online.

Will it work? Who knows, but nobody never got nothin’ by sitting on their ass and waiting for the worm to turn. I can only assume that the next few entries will tell us which way this will go. Can I cast off the cloak of negativity and start with a more positive outlook? Or will the demons of the past haunt me still and drag me under?

*ahem* So this is Mushroom Festival in Hell. My new home on the interweb. Welcome in, and try not to break anything.

10 thoughts on “Mushroom Festival in Hell?

  1. Mmm for a second I wondered what in flipplity heck was going on! I thought that somehow you had pointed discourse to Majic’s Blog 😐
    Not a criticism in any way just a tale of disorientation esp. after the brief redesign of the ‘Discourse’ Blog, I guess that is why I refused to just see that you had gone for a redesign.


  2. “..Can I cast off the cloak of negativity and start with a more positive outlook?”

    Not all these page footers, i.e.:
    “I’m in the mood to whip your body with a tire iron”,
    seem to be aware of the change of theme… 🙂


  3. The page footer consists of random lyrics from Ween. I particularly like the ‘tyre iron’ one.

    If you could “get” Ween (not cool enough, remember) you’d have more chance of grasping the context.


  4. Morning. You always up this early on a Sunday?

    Would it sound too improbably insightful if I said that the likely source of these phrases came to me after I posted that?

    You’re right I don’t get it in the way you do, & I forsee I would make an ass of myself even more trying to do so.



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