I had a long chat with my Brother last night about a range of subjects. It’s weird, when I think about it, that we grew up just two years between us and now seem to be a life time away from each other. I guess being old and having our own lives to lead is … More Brothers

Fuck Work

And fuck the cheap motherfuckers who work here too. If we’re not dealing with an incompetent senior management team who think that ‘providing a good service’ means ‘fucking over the staff by slashing bonuses, reducing pay, removing essential tools of the job, redundancies, bullshit policies, stupid business rules, providing policies and processes from fifteen years … More Fuck Work


I just had a cigarette and my cutting down must be starting to take effect. Just one cigarette has given me a feeling like which I haven’t had since I gave up smoking weed three years ago. I feel light headed and detached from reality. All you dope smokers out there, quit, and just have … More Ugh