Wednesday Update

It has been a while now since I wrote anything here, and I’m going to try and get back into it before I totally lost track and it becomes just another failed blog, like the millions there are out there. Why is it so hard to find shit to write about? There is lots going on right now so I should have lots to tell you.

The problem is time. Last week was stupidly busy, this week has started at a fast pace also, and it doesn’t look like it is going to let up any time soon.

The telephone trouble I talked about in my last entry has now been resolved. The line started working again on Monday evening just in time for Sky to come and erect a satellite dish and plug us into a world of televisual entertainment on Tuesday. My house has finally started to look like a home, after over a year of excuses and set backs. On Saturday Sarah will be moving in, so there is no turning back now (Joke!! Honest!!).

We’ve had carpets laid, kitchen floor and wall tiles put down/up. A new bathroom suite put in and the bathroom walls replastered ready for tiling. We’ve stripped the walls on the stairs and are in the process of putting lining paper up ready to be painted. Actually, that isn’t strictly true. We were going to paper the walls but when Sarah went back to the store on Tuesday they’d ran out of the paper we were using so we have one wall almost completed and nothing for the other wall. Back to the drawing board and I suggested we just put up lining paper and paint it. For some reason she though I would be angry with her over this, she thought I would blame her for our failure to get the walls done as we’d initially planned. It isn’t her fault if the stupid shoip doesn’t stock what we need. We’ll just have to make do and start over.

I really need to make a start on getting the bedroom sorted. I have two wardrobes full of clothes and I’ll need to slim them down considerably in order to accomodate the legions of clothing Sarah will no doubt be bringing over at the weekend. We’re making progress. Sometimes it feels like it is never ending, but I know we’ll be sorted in time for Saturday.

Saturday. Ahh, on Saturday we have the much anticipated ‘BCS Awards Party’ to attend. It was at the last one we met and from where our relationship started. Is it just coincedence or fate that I came back from the last one on the cusp of this relationship, and I’ll come back from this next one on the cusp of co-habiting? Sometimes it’s funny how things work out.

The Loan company are still fucking me around. I called them today, and after the call I almost threw my phone across the street in a frustrated rage. The lender, not the broker, has requested a new credit agreement because of the particular cirsumstances. I could have broke down with the hopelessness of it all. Fuckers. So, tomorrow I have an appointment with another company. This time it will be in, sorted, out. Money in the bank and time to start paying for everything I need to pay for. Fuck Norton, the bastards. I’ve already started paying out the money before I even have it. I need to get it sorted fast.

It’s been over a week now since I quit my position at GF. Since then, I’ve popped back once or twice, and I’m relieved that I feel no regret over leaving so suddenly. The forums are not what they used to be; or maybe I have just out grown them. Hell, I knew I couldn’t run the staff of that place forever, and if my current feeling is anything to go by, it’s good that I got out whilst I did. Yes, sometimes I feel like I am missing it, but I think that is me missing what it used to be, not what it is now. It’s over. It’s done. Time to move on and allow someone else to rise to prominence.

In other news, my computer seems to be struggling. On Sunday I made the decision to wipe everything off it and start over as I was suffering some major lag playing Rome: Total War. I couldn’t identify the issue so thought ‘fuck it’ and wiped it clean and restored the factory software. It didn’t make any difference so now I’m kinda pissed that I sacrificed over 30 gigs of downloaded movies and music. Not to mention all the emails I had saved and images too. I didn’t back up anything as I like a fresh start every now and then, but that my sacrifice failed to yield results pissed me off.

Ahh well, we live and learn. . .

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Update

  1. Come on Alan what does BCS stand for?
    Also when are you to start adding more compellingly captivating entries to your blog?


  2. Come on Alan what does BCS stand for?

    Business Customer Services

    Also when are you to start adding more compellingly captivating entries to your blog?

    When I can be fucked. Any suggestions?


  3. DVD drives help majorly when backing up, I find. But yeah, I hate losing everything too – happened twice before after two huge motherboard-frying viruses many years ago.

    I struggle to find stuff to write about in my blog too. Sux.


  4. That can be frustrating crap. I’ve lost so much data over the years. Then I got wise and installed a DVD burner–so now I have about twenty backup disks full of everything I need and half of that is mp3s/porn.

    Yeah, talk to yourself more, too. What Cort said.



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