Telephone Trouble

Today we were supposed to have Sky installed but they couldn’t go ahead because NTL are the biggest bunch of fuck ups ever to grace the customer service/telecommunications world.

Sarah has switched her telephone line over to my house as she’s moving in soon enough and we wanted to have Sky TV installed. On Tuesday their engineer arrived, he connected the phone line here, it was disconnected at her house and all was good and working. Yesterday when I checked it they’d switched it off. Why, NTL, why? How do you go from a transfer to a disconnection? Fucking retards. Anyway, I called them this morning to get the fuckers to reverse the disconnection and get it switched back on, and they said it would be done within two hours. At that time, as I was calling Sky to confirm, the Sky engineer arrived and said he couldn’t install because we didn’t have the telephone line in. Bastards (not Sky, I hasten to add; NTL). Fuckers. IS it too much to ask that you do exactly what you are told and nothing more? Each day I feel like there are more and more retards polluting the planet. I see it every day at work, in the street, and now in large national telecom providers.

Somebody shoot me, or preferably shoot them!

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