Hell, I am so tired. At work, trying hard to finish off all the shit I have on my plate prior to next week’s break. Unfortunately we won’t be going away on holiday, we’ll be spending the time we have trying to get the house fixed up and ready for when Sarah moves in. So far, we have got a hell of a lot completed, but we still have so much more to do:

Carpets from lounge
Carpets for stairs
Decorating the lounge
Floor in kitchen
Tiles in kitchen
Finish kitchen units
Tiles in bathroom
Bathroom flooring

…and those are just the big things. There are bound to be more little annoying tasks that we need to tackle before the week is out.

At this moment in time, my Brother is at my house fitting both a new back door and new electric shower. He’s really been helpful over the last couple of days, driving up from where he lives to help me get some big things done in the house. These are things I would never be able to do myself, and that I would have to pay to have someone else do for me, so cheers bro for taking care of this for me.

Anyway, lunchtime is nearly here. I’m going to go see what treats they’re offering today.


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