It seems that every week some kind of shit happens at work to add further misery to an already fucked situation. Today it was the announcement that BS (Business Solutions, not Bull Shit) and SB (Small Business) will be merging. All business, no matter how great or small, will fall under our umbrella of service.

What does this mean to me and my team mates?

At a time when we’re being stripped of earnings, left, right and centre, this is a further hit. Our customers, and our potential earnings are the largest accounts the company holds. Just today, I got myself a nice easy 58 subscription account asking to leave. Their issue was resolved and I get paid for my work. In addition I picked up another 38 and 48, so all in all, a good day’s work. When this merger goes through i’ll have to deal with anything from one subscription to ten. The main issue here is that whilst I am dealing with petty shitty little fucking pointless accounts, the larger spoils of battle are slipping away. Smaller accounts, despite what you may think, take more work and they can be rather complex whereas larger accounts tend to have a standard theme and be reasonably easy to deal with. After the merger, a day like today to yeild results of 3, 7, 2 as opposed to 58, 38, 48. Considering I get paid on a per subscription basis, you can see how this isn’t looking good for my bank balance.

Today when I sent out this piece of (not so) good news, the response I got from my manager was “I hope you’re not scare mongering”. When I later had something good to share (new phones for all staff) I got a snotty reply to that email asking me if I had enough work to do. My reply was “I do, I just wanted to give the team some good news for once”. No reply.

It is quite telling when saying something like that in jest is actually more true than we’d hope it would be. Things are bad; really bad. We’re suffering cut backs, more work, difficulties with systems, with processes. We have disgruntled team members actually talking about leaving. People wait years to get on to this team, and now people are wanting out. Things must be bad for it to reach this stage.

The awful thing is that right now we’re travelling down a very, very dark tunnel and there is no light at the end of it. Nothing but darkness.

Talking about it irritates me. Gonna crack on with the painting now.


2 thoughts on “Work

  1. All this talk mixed with my father’s daily rants about bad coworkers doesn’t promote me to want to get a job any time soon. I guess you do what you have to though.
    Hope someone takes a pick to the end of your tunnel and breaks through it.



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