Sarah said…

…that I haven’t published anything here for a while, and looking at the date of the most recent entry, she has a point, so here goes.

Things between Sarah and I are pretty good right now. We have made ‘living together plans’ which part scare the bejesus out of me and part make me overjoyed at the prospect of having her with me every night. I’m really looking forward to it, and I am also looking forward to starting to shape this shell of a house into something we can call home and be proud of. It’s good that things are working out between us, because work right now fucking sucks.

So work, some of you know where I work, but for the sake of a slight degree of anonymity, I’ll not mention the name of the company here. My job (I think I explained this previously, so just bare with me) involves processing requests from business customers to leave a mobile network in the UK. It is (shit, that should be ‘it was’) a pretty good job. I’ve been on the team a year and this is the lowest we have. as a collective, felt about our job roles.

As a team, a team of just ten people, last year we were responsible for retaining 2.25 million pounds in business. American readers should note that this equates to 4,056,092.66 US Dollars. It’s a hefty sum, a seriously nice amount of hard cash. I worked out today that the team, as a whole, was paid approx. £76,000 for this in bonuses. Nice money too. That’s about £7600 a piece, but does it add up to you? seventy six thousand for two and a quarter million? Does it fuck add up.

This year, we;ll be paid less. We’re on target to retain the same sort of money for the business, but due to cuts in bonuses, our share of this will be reduced to about £50,000, that’s five grand each. Still not adding up? Sure ain’t.

Is it any wonder then that the team is right now fucked off with the work situation to the point of not giving a shit any longer? We don’t enjoy the job any more, we don’t feel we are worth anything any longer, and to top it all, they’re making the job so much harder by removing the tools we need to do our job.

Tariff is high? Let’s reduce it. Can’t. Business Rules say no. Hmm…

How the fuck are we supposed to be able to save business if you prevent us from having access to that which we need to save business? It’s like asking an army to defend your border and taking away their guns (and socks, and boots for good measure). It’s fucked up, and I’m pissed.

I hate going to work now. I hate having to try and keep customers with us.

Shit, just talking about it (erm, writing about it) pisses me off, which is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. So fuck that, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Now do you see why I’ve not been in the mood to write anything recently?

I’m off to bed. Good night.


3 thoughts on “Sarah said…

  1. At least the job was good while it was, right? I’m sure those major renovations you did a while ago to your house benifited from that paycheck.


  2. Jobs which go sour… at some point or another we have to decide whether we are in something for reasons other than money, or simply the money itself. However with humans, when are things that clear cut? More often than not our work fulfils various psychical needs as well as providing income.
    You certainly gave a damn about the role you played, & you valued the team effort as rewarding & worthwhile, since the impending portents have left you hapless. Did you see your tenure with this firm & the people you worked with as more long term than it has proved? Are you pissed because you know that it is inevitably your move now?



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