Back to work


I had to go back to work yesterday after a week off. I hate going back to work. It sucks ass at the best of times, but when it is after a break of any length, it is that much more suckier. What’s new?

Well, they have stripped us of more of our save tools. Save tools are actions we can take to keep customers with us. We’ve been told that we can no longer apply discounts to accounts, even though we always ensure it is commercially viable to do so. Why the fuck not? If it is beneficial for the company, why not let us do it? It seems like some suit has got his thumb firmly lodged in his anus. Some twat who doesn’t work on the frontline, who doesn’t take calls, who doesn’t see the consequences of their actions or directions.

You say we can’t do something and go back for another meeting. We’re the guys who have to pass on the bad news to the people who really matter; the customers. Are you doing it because you want to fuck this company over? Because you certainly aren’t acting in it’s best interests; I’ll tell you that for free.

Also, now we have to have a written contract for EVERY new connection. Considering that as a team we’re supposed to be simply keeping existing business and not worrying about new business, why are we being punished in this manner?

The result of your actions is that the entire team, the only people who can have a direct influence on keeping people with us, are dissatisfied, pissed off, and miserable. We don’t want to do the job anymore, and I for one am seriously considering looking for something else. I haven’t decided if that will be within the company or outside of it. I guess I wait and see what opportunities come up, but I’m looking.

Bastards. I was happy for a while, and now you’ve fucked it up for me. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being twats.


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