Finally Friday

Thankfully, the weekend is here and I can put a week of shit behind me. Work has been fucking gay, and today has been no exception, in fact I’d say that today has been the worst day this week, and the only saving grace was knowing that I only had to make until 17:15 so … More Finally Friday


It seems that every week some kind of shit happens at work to add further misery to an already fucked situation. Today it was the announcement that BS (Business Solutions, not Bull Shit) and SB (Small Business) will be merging. All business, no matter how great or small, will fall under our umbrella of service. … More Work


It has begun. Sarah is moving in at the end of October and therefore we’ve started getting the shit in order for when she does. Even sat here, upstairs, I can still smell the fresh paint fumes coming from downstairs. Tonight, we’re going to finish the painting and then perhaps I can chill out for … More Progress

Sarah said…

…that I haven’t published anything here for a while, and looking at the date of the most recent entry, she has a point, so here goes. Things between Sarah and I are pretty good right now. We have made ‘living together plans’ which part scare the bejesus out of me and part make me overjoyed … More Sarah said…

Back to work

*sigh* I had to go back to work yesterday after a week off. I hate going back to work. It sucks ass at the best of times, but when it is after a break of any length, it is that much more suckier. What’s new? Well, they have stripped us of more of our save … More Back to work

The Funeral

I needed to wait until I had some time to tell you of the events on Friday. This will likely be a long post, so be prepared, get a drink and ensure you’re sitting comfortably. Once again, I found myself leaving rainy Darlington early in the morning in order to travel down to Grimsby to … More The Funeral

Time to go

In 30 minutes I’ll be heading off to attend my Gran’s funeral. Be back tomorrow. Yeah… Hope my Mum makes it through the day. DT

Burger Cunt

No, it isn’t Burger King. It will now be forever known as Burger Cunt. I’m becoming a fat bastard. I’m a true child of convenience culture. I was in town getting my hair cut and it was both quicker and easier to utilize a fast food joint for nourishment rather than getting some real food. … More Burger Cunt

Treading on thin ice?

Hmm… It’s 19:23 and I have just woken up. My sleep pattern is completely fucked due to last night’s marathon. No sleep until 4am, woken at 10am by burglar alarm in the neighbourhood, power goes out at 2pm, read for a bit, fall asleep, wake up 10 minutes ago. Won’t sleep tonight, vicious circle continues… … More Treading on thin ice?