Violent internet porn to be banned

Source The Government has a responsibility to act against violent pornographic internet images which fuel dangerous and obsessive fantasies, a minister has said. Downloading and possessing violent and abusive pornography would be banned under a new offence being proposed. Home Office Minister Paul Goggins said: “These are images of the most horrendous and extreme kind … More Violent internet porn to be banned


There is a guy who works as some kind of consultant for Scottish companies. Thinks he’s hot shit – is not. The guy is a fucking bully. I have had people from our help desk on the phone to me, distressed, upset, he even made one girl cry. I hate that kind of thing. Nobody … More Arse

Deviant Discourse

It is time to give this blog a name of it’s own rather than sharing devioustyrant with the forums. To that end, and after a quick brainstorming session, Deviant Discourse is born. I went for a address as it was cheaper than .com. I’m just being frugal. It was bound to happen sooner or … More Deviant Discourse


I’ve added a new plugin, might keep it, might not. The same thing could be done by just typing, but I guess I’d forget or not do it. It’s called myMooMus by a fellow Brit, so thanks Kev, if you ever read this. Also, thanks to Sean for fixing the awful popup comments. DT

Contact Me

I added a contact forum to the blog for no reason whatsoever. If people have something to say they can post a comment in the respective post, but I guess it’s not a bad thing to have. Doesn’t hurt, does it? Link Use it if you would like to be added to the links section. … More Contact Me


Is it a ‘girl thing’ to be late for everything you arrange to do? We had planned to leave for a day in York at 9am this morning. To that end I struggled out of bed and into the bath, then to force down my first food since Saturday, then to iron something to wear … More York