New Theme

Based on Tech-Bytes by Joni Mueller. Banner courtesy of S3phiroth.


I’m quite pleased with it for an evenings work. I’ve managed to add back in most of what the old theme had such as the Recent Comments code. Looking good so far.

Next step (tomorrow maybe) is to go over the site and take out anything which was added as customer for the previous style. Also, things like w00t owns will need to be edited to better represent the new style.

If you preferred the older style, just tell me so. I’m not going back to it, but tell me so anyway. Ahh, also all the smileys will need reworking. Pain in the ass…

One thing that this has done is open up the pages (over there! ———–>) for comments. Not sure how it happened, but I’ll leave them open for you to post if you wish.

Good night.


12 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. I never knew how to get the pages un-available for comment…

    Also, the recent comments thing doesn’t look as good this time. I’m pretty sure the name of the poster was a different color last time…

    I also don’t like the lines on the edges, but I’m just picky. The colors are nice (but, more pickyness) I don’t like the font size.


  2. I’m going to be picky.

    I don’t like the stripes on the side, but I am guessing they don’t appear to resolutions over 1024×784.
    As Cr0T said, the comments thing is weird – perhaps you can put the commenter’s name in bold?

    Other than that, mighty fine skin. If people want the ability to switch skins, talk to me and I’ll give you code for my skin selecter (see here –


  3. I’m still being picky. The banner should be above the lighter gray area, so that the line separating left from right in the gray area doesn’t go behind it. Just looks funny. Cheers for making it easier on the eyes, though (those stripes and the font size did something funny to my eyes).



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