‘In the summertime’

Finally!! Finally we get a bit of summer and Sarah and I wasted no time in making the most of it. We spent yesterday out in the back garden (read – yard) soaking up as much sun as possible and trying to turn our pale and pasty bodies into something more aesthetically pleasing. Of course, Sarah is always aesthetically pleasing to me, but that should go without saying. πŸ˜‰

It was nice to spend some time outside, as I seem to spend too much time sat here in front of the computer. Hopefully the weather will hold out for much longer, but wait. This is Britain. It’s bound to turn shitty before long. Anyway, here’s some pictures I took:

The view: The back of my house faces onto these huge three storey houses. Thankfully they don’t do much to block the sun.

Me: Posing. Trying to look – Fuck, who knows what I was trying to look like. A wanker?

Sarah: Bless her, she fell asleep. I guess the heat was too much for her.


6 thoughts on “‘In the summertime’

  1. That’s strange. In Scotland we’ve had sun non-stop for about two months. It has rained twice in my living memory of summer this year.

    But yeah, it did rain when I went to England to Newcastle/Yorkshire/Light Water Valley.



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