Bombscare in Darlington

My home town, under attack!? What a fucking crock of shit.

I was just heading into town to get something to eat about 20 minutes ago when I heard a loud bang. As I continued into town, I saw the flashing lights of a Police car. Even further and ‘Police line – Do Not Cross’ tape stretched out. Fuck that, only want a McDonald’s. Kept going until suddenly a Cop is shouting at me to “GET BACK!”

What the fuck, mang, this is Darlington, the shittiest shit hole in the North East and not a target for terrorists.

This shit pisses me off because it is allowing the fucks who blew their silly asses to Kingdom Come in London are getting what they want. Disruption and fear. SOmeone probably saw a fucking carrier bag and, because of a natural retardation, thought it was a bomb and called the Police.

Get over it. Life has to go on or you are letting the fuckers win!

More when I have it. Couldn’t find anything on the ‘net just yet.


Whilst I remember. A Police Officer confirmed it was a controlled explosion.

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