D-Day +1

Still no real sign of Terry. I was out yesterday until about 9pm and he was out when I got in. Faint stirring movements can be heard from the room across the hall.

Taken today off to recover from a very tiring weekend. It is likely that I will engage Terry at some point today.

To be updated…



Saw Terry today when he finally dragged himself out of his bed. naturally, Heidi wasn’t far behind. He seems strange, like he’s avoiding me. I don’t know if this is because:

a) I pissed him off when I asked for more money for rent and he accused me of using Heidi as an excuse. This just does not sound like him, he’s a very level headed and laid back person. For him to hold a grudge, especially against me, is unlikely, but a possibility.

b) He thinks he pissed me off when he told me he was moving out. Nothing would be further from the truth. Not because I want rid of him, but because I want my house back.

I know Terry, probably better than anyone else, so I know he is not his natural self. I guess a confrontation is in order. Even if it is just so I can tell him I am not angry with him and perhaps eliminate option b (above) from the equation.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see. He’s out with Madam at the moment. Don’t know when he’ll be back…



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