Attacks on London

Huge news event, yet no post here about it? I must be getting rusty. So, let me explain my thoughts on the 7/7 attacks.

Fuck ’em. If these twats think that a few bombs and a few deaths are going to be enough to shake of our pursuit of them they have another thing coming. Britain has started down a path in league with the United States, and whether you or I like it, that path is set. We simply HAVE to follow through with our commitment to the Alliance.

America and The United Kingdom have been allies for a long time now. Many people in the United Kingdom disagree with the invasion of Iraq, but far more agree that it is necessary to eradicate terror wherever we may find it. I am one of those people.

I believe that the invasion and occupation of Iraq has been undertaken with a hidden agenda in mind. I feel that this agenda is world influence and to secure a vital partner who we can rape for oil. I do not believe the fucking BULLSHIT about it being about WMD’s or Saddam’s Human Right’s record. That’s crap, a smoke screen thrown up to hide the real motivations behind the invasion.

I feel that the attacks in London are in direct response to our involvement in Iraq. I believe that Al Qaeda has retaliated over our Middle Eastern involvement, and who can blame them? They believe they are justified in their attacks and so do I. Perhaps their methodology is fucked, but the motive is valid and relevant.

However, Londoners have seen much worse. They were attacked during WWII by indiscriminate bombing designed to break the resolve of the nation. They were attacked for decades by the IRA and still they came out strong and fighting. London, Great Britain is no stranger to violence, they are hardy and indefatigable. London will sneer at this and it will be business as usual.

I posted a thread under my Zakalwe pseudonym called 9/11 was deserved. Link. Here I explained why the US was attacked because of it’s meddling in the affairs of others. These same sentiments apply here. London was attacked, The United Kingdom was attacked, because of our involvement in Iraq. As a people we had the option to vote out the people in power (I didn’t vote because they’re all idiots – but that is another story) and we stuck to our guns and allowed Tony to have another term. Therefore, we were attacked because of our own decision to support Tony Blair, the Labour party and our Iraqi adventure.

You might disagree and say that we didn’t deserve it. That is your choice and one I am liable to ignore. However, I feel they were wrong to attack London. I mean, wrong from their own point of view. Many Londoners, many Britons were sympathetic to the Iraqi situation and these attacks will have done nothing but increase public approval for the war and the War on Terror.

Congratulations Al Qaeda. You just shot yourselves in the foot. Fucking idiots. I hope it was worth it. Dumb shits…


3 thoughts on “Attacks on London

  1. Exactly what I thought. Things happen when you piss people off, c’est la vie.

    Would you be happier if Gordon Brown became Prime Minister?


  2. I agree completely.

    My grandmother was born in England, worked in a factory during the war making planes to help the cause against the Nazis, and she told us what it was like during the bombings in London–the more things crumbled around them, the stronger their resolve was. It was appalling the conditions she had to live for months on end, the family trading so many things away for basic necessities.
    These “terrorist attacks” are fuckall. The Brits will strive forward no matter what shit is thrown at them, unlike some pissants who have more (undeserved) pride than fucking brains, who shit their pants and pull out a gun whenever a firecracker goes off or a car back-fires….



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