New Theme

Based on Tech-Bytes by Joni Mueller. Banner courtesy of S3phiroth. Like? I’m quite pleased with it for an evenings work. I’ve managed to add back in most of what the old theme had such as the Recent Comments code. Looking good so far. Next step (tomorrow maybe) is to go over the site and take … More New Theme

Gay Test

Hmph. For a laugh I took the test. How can I be 21% gay and never wanted to go anywhere near a guy? Silly test. Bleh. DT The Straight Stand up and be heard! You’re 21% gay! You’re straight! You can choose whether or not you should be proud of that. You have just enough … More Gay Test

D-Day +2

Finally caught up with Terry tonight after work. Looks like all is well. A ceasefire has been signed and the war is over. I asked if everything was ok and said that I had taken note of his behaviour. He’s a little under the weather and has been since getting back from Ibiza. Also, he … More D-Day +2

D-Day +1

Still no real sign of Terry. I was out yesterday until about 9pm and he was out when I got in. Faint stirring movements can be heard from the room across the hall. Taken today off to recover from a very tiring weekend. It is likely that I will engage Terry at some point today. … More D-Day +1


Terry is back from holiday. Heidi is back, clinging to him like a fucking rash. The day started well when I came home and was locked out of my own fucking house! Key still in the damn door. Let’s hope it gets better between now and the day he moves out, which I assume will … More D-Day

Joe Rigatoni’s

Avoid this ‘Restaurant’ (I use that word in the loosest possible sense) at all costs. It isn’t a restaurant it’s a fucking fast food joint. Sarah and I went for a meal last night, and Joe’s has a bit of a reputation as a good eatery. What a fucking dump. Never go to Joe Rigatoni’s: … More Joe Rigatoni’s