Zakalwe page updated with second featured thread

Here it is

The second thread to be added to the Zakalwe feature page is ‘Eradicate AIDS the easy way’. This is one of my favourite forum threads of all time, and whilst not reaching the epic proportions of the 9/11 thread, it certainly has a very funny edge to it, the highlight of which is the suggestion of a pay-per-view televised nuclear attack against the African Continent:

“Finally, and this is the cool twist. You televise the attack, get reporters (preferably Africans or homos) on the ground before the attack and put it on pay-per-view. It becomes the biggest television event of history. People pay to watch them get incinerated. You then market DVD’s, posters, a ‘soundtrack’, T-shirts, pretty much everything you can to bring in a profit.

It wouldn’t suprise me if the cash you could make from such a venture would outweigh, a hundred-fold, the inital expenditure.

Now quit being a dumbass. Fuck off.”


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