Social Parasites

I’m fucking sick to death of seeing the scum of our nation parading around with their herds of bastard brats on my fucking money. This benefit culture we’re developing is getting out of control and it needs to stop. Just today, as Sarah and I were on our way to work (we walked, gorgeous morning) we passed one such cretinous waste of time with three children. You could see from looking at her that she has never worked a day in her godforsaken life. She’s a typical fucking benefit mother, sitting pretty whilst people like me pay for her rent, council tax, gas, water, electricity, food, clothing, booze, fuck, we pay for everything she has and what the fuck has she done to deserve it? She was stupid enough to get knocked up as a teenager and then to sire more bastards to keep her ahead in the social security system. It’s fucking shameful that this nation I live in is seen to reward laziness. We should pull those ignorant motherfuckers aside and FORCE them to pay for their kids. Your kids, not mine, so why the fuck am I supporting you?

I work hard and get paid reasonably well for my efforts. This month I paid £700 in tax and national insurance. That bitch probably gets that a week. They take money from me, hard earned money, a simply throw it at fucking scum who shouldn’t even be allowed to walk the fucking streets I pay to maintain.

As we walked on, we discussed a solution to this issue and here it is:

> In order to have children you must register your intentions. You will be means tested and a license to have a child granted based upon your ability to support those children without relying on anyone else. If you are unable to prove your are able to support your children you will not be granted the ‘right to family’.

> It will be a crime to have a child without a license. It is possible to attain a license whilst pregnant to cater for accidental pregnancies. If you have a child without a license, a post-natal license may be granted if you and your partner have the requisite income. If you do not have the requisite income, the child will be taken from you at birth and placed in care or placed on the adoption list. People must register for adoption in the same way as they register for natural birth.

> If you are found to be pregnant without a license and are inelligible for a license, you will be forced to terminate the pregnancy. A second offence will lead to imprisonment. A third offence will lead to sterilisation.

> Children taken into care from illegal parents will be cared for and educated by the state. They will be groomed to be model citizens and educated to the highest degree. The budget for this will be provided for by the savings made on child benefit claims.

> Same sex couples are just as eligible for ‘right to family’ as heterosexual couples.

This would create a much better society and foster responsible parenting. Within a generation, the lazy fucks of Great Britian would be rendered obsolete, extinct, the future would be a rosy one. There would be no more scum on our streets, there would be huge savings made on the national budget which could be redirected to healthcare, education and crime prevention. Utopia? No. A damn good start? Oh, hell yes.

Do the planet a favour and ‘think before you fuck’.


3 thoughts on “Social Parasites

  1. That’d be a perfect world, except you just know it won’t ever happen. The shitbag democrats would say it took away people’s rights to pass on life.

    If you’ve read books like ‘A Perfect World’ and seen films like ‘Starship Troopers’, they chart these things. It’d be good – you have to prove yourself worthy to have children.

    Another knock-on benifit of this would be that we have less retards, chavs and delinquents. Since the vastly stupid teenage mothers wouldn’t be allowed to reproduce, we’d eradicate the idiots from the gene pool and humanity would advance dramatically.

    Good idea.


  2. Holy shit, that is an awesome idea. I am sick to death of seeing children get turned into social services because their parents can’t take care of them, and then watching them grow up to be miserable failures. We as a society should be doing everything we can to prevent this from happening.



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