Just as I was leaving work, Locky (our ‘Team Coach’) said to me, “See you on Monday, Alan, have a nice long weekend.”

“Erm, what? I’m in tomorrow.”

“Not according to the diary, you’re booked off tomorrow.”

“I am? Cool!”

Ha! How fucking cool to get a suprise day off like that? I hadn’t planned it, I hadn’t requested it to my knowledge, but there it was, plain as day, ‘Alan – Hols’. Like I’m gonna fucking argue. It’s been a gorgeous day today. The sun is out, the temperature is up. Like I’m going to turn down a day off work when summer is here? It’s all the better for being a suprise.

Tomorrow is payday, my bank will be flooded with hard cash and I’ll have all day to spend it on whatever I want. An entire day in the sun to do what the fuck I want. No fucking work! Yay!!! So yeah, I’m rather pleased with myself right now. Even though I haven’t actually done anything to be pleased about. Fuck knows how it happened, but if they’ll let me take the day off I will. Ha ha!

Also, work has picked up. I was having a shitty month up until today and had only registered 105 saves for the month. I’m now up to 400 ish and sitting pretty on a decent bonus for next month IN ADDITION to my long overdue pay rise. Life is fine at this time. I’m in a good mood, looking forward to tomorrow and having cash again.


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