Fuck You

I have had a pretty shitty day so I put a message together for each and every one.


To update, because “I’m pissed off” doesn’t really tell the story, I’ll flesh this entry out some more.

In my job, we use a system called Outbreak. We use Outbreak to record each and every customer contact. It is essential to us, to our jobs. When I got into work yesterday, Outbreak wasn’t working. All the information I need for this week is missing. All the customers I need to contact are not going to be contacted because I can’t access the fucking information, meaning those customers are likely to piss off to another network and I’m not going to be paid for my efforts in keeping them there. The system was down again this morning and won’t be back up until the ONE PERSON who can fix it comes into work tomorrow. He goes on holiday and our department ceases to function. How fucking retarded is it to rely on one individual for our primary system?

So I was in a foul mood anyway when I got into a bit of a fuck on with a guy I work with. He basically suggested that he had more experience in the job than I did when I spend time each day helping him with minor shit I’ve been doing since before he even worked there. It annoyed me so I walked out of work. Bad day, was pissed off already, and I didn’t want to compound the issue by staying at work and remaining pissed off with someone who said something as a joke.

It’ll all come out in the wash…


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