I was thinking back and looking over some old topics for the Zakalwe-era Melee and realised how much of a gem the 9/11 was Deserved thread was. It was, of course, a big joke, hugely offensive and designed to get a rise out of the many American’s who visit GF. I never expected it to cause quite the storm it did.

Anyway, I’ve taken it and I’m keeping a copy on the DT server for all to see.

9/11 was deserved.



3 thoughts on “Zakalwe

  1. Nice to see you cut it off to before it was reopened, and certain cunts started talking about how cool it was, and how all the noobs went crazy, when months before, they were the same people.


  2. I still read over it when I’m bored. It cause so much shit.

    People were asking for you to be banned for it, for christ’s sake. That’s melee perfection.



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