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The forums seem to be really kicking off since my retirement from gamingforums. See them here (or the link on the right to open in new window). We’re getting new users registering and it seems to be reasonably active for such a small and mostly unestablished community.

I think most users knowing each other from gamingforums helps to bring them together as you immediately negate that ‘new member’ feeling. I want to try and get members from other communities to join up to and I feel the best way to do this is to use the existing members we have as messengers on other boards. If they’re already established, they’ll be more likely to be accepted by other communities as advocates of a brand new forum/website/community. I’ll suggest they go on an promotion tour after posting this entry.

I’m trying to put together a community of equals where no-one feels they are less or more than anyone based on ranks or roles. We have just two staff members, myself and gizmo in Administrative roles, but to look at our profiles you can see we do not appear any different to the membership (other than a html usertitle, ‘Administrator’). I think this is a great way to promote equality. Another great idea is the lack of forum rules. On many new forums I have seen, the first thing the new Administrator does is impose a series of rules on the membership. I believe this is due to them being used to obeying rules on other communities and because of the ‘power-rush’ of being able to make them as opposed to abide by them. Due to my history on gamingforums, I have no desire to impose rules. ‘Been there, done that’…

One thing I am concerned about is that the theme of the forum may be a little overbearing for new members. I am the first to issue a ‘fuck you’ to new members, and it seems to be a theme that the current membership enjoys as they know it is not serious. I just hope that new members can overcome the feigned aggressive tones of many of the posts and enjoy being bastards to each other.

I guess that time will tell. We have only 42 members at this time and yet my email inbox was hit with over 50 new emails of ‘thread subscription’ reports. If things can stay active and new members not be immediately scared off, I’m sure I can make a success of it.

I am going to talk with gizmo about some blog/forum intergrations. Something like a ‘discuss this in the forums’ link on blog entires. Maybe that will help get people interested.

See you in the forums,


2 thoughts on “DT Forums

  1. I’ll visit a few other forums I had been part of and use my old username so they’ll see I’ve not just came to advertise (even though I have).

    Off the top of my head, I remember being part of Lucasarts and Desperados.



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