“People think you’re arrogant.”

“Who thinks I’m arrogant?”

“Lots of people.”

“How many ‘real’ people?”


“How many imaginary people think I am?”



So, thousands of imaginary people (forumites) think I’m arrogant and one real person does. This is not an insult to me. I know I can be an arrogant bastard. That only one ‘real’ person told Sarah that they think I am arrogant means I need to step up my self-loving so that people start to think less of me.

To the imaginary people (now I sound slightly mental) I say, “FUCK YOU”. Most of those fucks are jealous and the other few percent are too busy being scared off by an internet name to be worthy of consideration.

That is all.


4 thoughts on “Arrogant

  1. You’re only arrogant in the melee, and that’s just when insulting people, ie. not to be taken seriously. Outside of that I haven’t seen you be arrogant at all.


  2. Arrogance, when justified, is one of the most charming personality traits one can have. If you are, which I’m not sure I’d say, it suits you.



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