My brain is leaking….

Actually, it’s not. I thought it might be my brain leaking out of my face but it is just a shitty cold coming on. I have turned into a walking snot machine. It started last night and I had this awful feeling I get that it would be a bad one. When I get hit with these things they hit me hard. Maybe it’s because I’m a little run down right now. I’ll have to ensure I get plenty of TLC from Sarah.

I’ve spent today at work pretty much zoned out. It happens when I am feeling this way. It makes me feel like I am wading through thick treacle. Well, actually like I am living in a world made of thick treacle. It’s sometimes dreamy, which is ok, I suppose, but most of the time everything is simply a little vague. I’ll fight the fucker, no doubt the drugs should start kicking in. I might just take the next two days off work though, just to be on the safe side. No point in giving my cold to everyone else, right?

In other news, my departure from GF is complete. I have been back as a guest, out of interest to see what’s been said. Of course, the obvious retarded sweepstake threads have appeared, but this time me leaving is for real. I will go back, one day, as a member, not as an Administrator. It is time for someone else to carry the burden of holding that community together.

See here and here for the lame idiots with their bets on when I will come back. I decided to quit long ago. Hell, I knew it wouldn’t be forever. What people fail to realise is that there is a world beyond the borders of gamingforums. It isn’t the be all and end all of existence. Perhaps if I was 17 and not 27 I would be thinking differently, but I have to reassess my priorities and spending 60+ hours a week babysitting for assorted children (some cool, some retarded) is not high on my list of things to do. Maybe after a few weeks the reality of the situation will set in and these people will realise.

I have received numerous emails since leaving which have highlighted what I did for that place. I know I’ll be missed as I will miss them, but nothing is forever, right guys?

The snot keeps coming.


6 thoughts on “My brain is leaking….

  1. It’s great to here you will be back someday as a member. To me, you seem to represent GF. For the couple of years I’ve been there, you were always there as the ultimate power, the untouchable melee mod, all the kiss ass statements that have been made before. We will miss you as the administrator.


  2. get well soon, man. cold’s are awful things. always bug the shit out of me..

    and yeah, those two threads were stupid as hell. thats why i closed them. not the slightest shread of respect.. =/


  3. Get well soon, and now you can get a kick out of life and maybe have more fun now that you’re not busy with the forums!



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