Social Parasites

I’m fucking sick to death of seeing the scum of our nation parading around with their herds of bastard brats on my fucking money. This benefit culture we’re developing is getting out of control and it needs to stop. Just today, as Sarah and I were on our way to work (we walked, gorgeous morning) … More Social Parasites


Just as I was leaving work, Locky (our ‘Team Coach’) said to me, “See you on Monday, Alan, have a nice long weekend.” “Erm, what? I’m in tomorrow.” “Not according to the diary, you’re booked off tomorrow.” “I am? Cool!” Ha! How fucking cool to get a suprise day off like that? I hadn’t planned … More Bonus!!

Fuck You

I have had a pretty shitty day so I put a message together for each and every one. Message To update, because “I’m pissed off” doesn’t really tell the story, I’ll flesh this entry out some more. In my job, we use a system called Outbreak. We use Outbreak to record each and every customer … More Fuck You


Went over to see Sarah last night and as we were talking about stuff she asked if I’d marry her. Joking around, I said ‘no, not unless you get a ring and get down on one knee’. An hour later she got down on one knee and presented a ring and asked again. Get a … More Shocked!

Oh…. Fuck. Pt. 2

To conclude… For someone with vast experience with confrontation online, Hell, I even welcome or search out conflict over the ‘net, I was not looking forward to having to go head to head with Terry after his ‘Can we talk when i get in?’ message. Terry and I have never had a cross word, argument … More Oh…. Fuck. Pt. 2

Oh…. Fuck. Pt. 1

‘The shit and the fan matched co-ordinates in spectacular fashion.’ It’s finally done and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Relieved, pissed, angry, upset, disappointed, elated… All these differing emotions scurrying around in my skull and all because of a measly £50. Terry, my housemate and best friend has been with Heidi for … More Oh…. Fuck. Pt. 1


I was thinking back and looking over some old topics for the Zakalwe-era Melee and realised how much of a gem the 9/11 was Deserved thread was. It was, of course, a big joke, hugely offensive and designed to get a rise out of the many American’s who visit GF. I never expected it to … More Zakalwe

Park Life

I was talking to Simon, a guy I work with, the other day and he asked a simple question, “What time do you get up in the morning?” I said, “I get up when I want…” and we both broke into song: I get up when I want Except on Wednesdays When I get rudely … More Park Life