Fuck the what?

Has it been a week already? Wow. I really should get around to updating this more often. Let’s make a start, shall we?

It’s been a rough week and a fucking great weekend for me. The shit from the forums seems to have blown over and I’ve decided to pick up where I left off and jump right back into action with the gamingforums community. I’m not going to let the whiny bullshit of a few old motherfuckers scare me off. I’ve put too much effort into gamingforums to just drop it over something as minor as a nutjob getting his panties in a bunch over irrelevant comments made on a fucking bulletin board.

I’m going to update The Shit List with the details of the latest shitlicking wanker to piss me off so I’ll not bother to put it all down here.

So, forum shit aside, it’s been a good opportunity to get out into the world and do some stuff. Friday I stopped over at Sarah’s and we watched the beginning of Big Brother XXVI (or whatever season it is). Damn, I hate that fucking program. Is anyone really interested in the daily antics of a dozen bored wannabes? “Look, generic retard is taking a dump” FUCK OFF. NOBODY CARES. Why this lame excuse for a T.V. show is such a ratings winner is beyond me. It seems like they’ve put together the biggest bunch of wankers possible. The auditions were shown and it consists of a bunch of fuckers essentially displaying their shittier sides. “I’m a tool, a wanker, a twat. Let me in the house.” Good job of self-promotion, twat. Now everyone thinks you’re an arrogant cunt. *applause*

Saturday was action packed (by my standards). I remembered why I hate shopping in the Town Centre on a Saturday. Too many people without aim or purpose wasting their lives on wandering around shops selling unwanted and useless items of disinterest whilst attempting to make it as difficult as possible for normal people like myself get on with things. Another thing that annoyed me about this adventure was the numerous fat bastards in their motorised carts.

I worked it out:

Too fat to walk without effort.

Get motor-cart to transport obese, shit-smelling body.

Get fatter due to lack of exersize.

They should shoot all the fat fuckers before they consume the world’s food supply on a Sunday and forever alter the axis of rotation of the planet due to excessive gravitational forces caused by their weight.

After shopping we took my kid brother to see Episode III. Loved it. Fantastic. it really ties everything in. I will write a review at some point and post it in the sparse Entertainment Section.

Saturday night I was at a Fancy Dress party. The theme was 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. When I have all the photos from the event I’ll post them. Everybody (about 50 people) dressed up with the exception of two poor souls who stood out like something which stands out quite a bit. The highlights were Worsel Gummage and Aunt Sally and a nutter dressed as a pimp complete with zebra print platform boots.

Sunday. I woke up feeling like shit from the night before. I’d headed to the nightclub after the party and danced like a spasticated chicken until my feet started to bleed (not really, but you know what I mean). I met Sarah’s mum for the first time. She seems really nice, educated, opinionated, I like her. We went to see Monster in Law with J-Lo. She was the only saving grace from a dire movie. Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it was a little sucky. Then we had tea and went out last night to the club.

It was packed. People were waiting to get in from 9pm. I haven’t seen it so busy and soon the oppressive heat generated by a bunch of horny teens trapped in the same space was too much for my aging body. Sarah wasn’t feeling too good either, it was her first night out since her operation, so we called it a night and headed for home. What happened then is for me, not for you!!

So here we are. Monday, Bank Holiday in the U.K.. No work today and no work tomorrow either. Just time to chill out and catch up on some shit. My house looks like a fucking bombsite and I can barely move in my bedroom due to the scattered clothing and general waste all over the floor. I’ll get around to tidying up at some point, but right now I’m just enjoying chatting to people and browsing the forums looking for idiots to kick in.

Hope you all have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Fuck the what?

  1. danm. seem’s like you had a pretty good week. Your post was more exciting then my week, but that’s normal. I choose to remain indoors and continue with my video game/internet addiction. Funny thing is, im not a geek, or well I don’t look like one anyway (or do I?….).

    I think people watch show’s like BigBrother due to there own live’s lacking any interest or excitment. In turn they like to watch and ‘gossip’, on whats going down on the show. Hello and welcome to how many year’s ago now?… It’s like Survivor. Sure the first couple season’s were ok, but come on now, it’s getting a bit too much. That Jerry Bruckhamier (whatever his name is) makes some pretty good coin though. Half of those reality shows were his idea.

    Glad to see you back on the forums. I spent a good deal of time on them this weekend. Normally I just pop in and make sure everything is ok, but it’s getting rare to some forum adminitrators online, and I fear as soon as I go offline, some trouble maker is going to show up and make a mess of the forums. That’s a discussion for later though and private. Now that your back though, I can spead the time between us and get some other things done. If you did indeed leave (especially now) the forum’s would get bumpy and thing’s would become a mess. I’m not sure I would want to be around such a place, seeing I cannot devote 24/7 forum monitoring atm.

    anyway cheers. Good to have you back on the forums and on Random Words!


  2. People watch Big Brother to feel better about themselves. ‘That cunt is hated by everyone, so I feel good’ sort of thing. I agree, it is the most monotonous boring pile of rubbish. In fact, I’d watch Neighbours over that.

    I should get out to see Star Wars. I was due to go last Saturday but my sister had to work (she was coming home from university to see it with me). Perhaps I’ll go to…day (god is it really 1:11 am?).
    I’ve heard the acting is slightly better this time around, which is good considering the shoddy performances we saw particularly in Episode 1 (Queen Amadala’s bodyguard, Anakin, Anakin’s mother…BINKS).

    I’m happy you’ve got today off, but you can be pissed that I’ve had the last eight days off and still have another three days. Then I go back to school for one day then go to Belgium for a week and have out-of-school activities for a week. And that’s all following May, a month of easy exams and the whole month off. I’m happy.



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