Work Sucks

If it isn’t enough to have to deal with numerous idiotic customers and retarded staff members, my employer now throws computer issues at us. For a week we’ve been unable to access the main server where we store all documentation (the T-Drive). Every time a spreadhseet is created, or just opened, every time Word is accessed, it runs through the T-Drive, and every single time I try to access something through either of these programs it freezes and fucks up then goes to ‘Not Responding’. I have become used to seeing those two words throughout the day at work.

Not Responding

Not Responding

Not FUCKING Responding

Just respond, you stupid piece of shit! It’s a 1.4 kb document, how much power or memory does it take to allow me to access something so small? I often wonder how we’re able to maintain a nationwide cellular communications network when we’re unable to maintain a simple file server. Everything we do relies on this. From creating orders, to reviews for customers, to equipment trials, everything. I might as well not bother going to work because producitivty has dropped to close to zero because our I.T. department is ran by a bunch of retards without the ability to fix ONE server.

Fire all the fuckers and let God sort them out. Twats.

In other news, also work related, and I meant to post this over the weekend, I had a run in with one of my colleagues on Friday.

The guy is called Wilf, Wilfred, and he’s 61. He should be either a) retired or b) dead. He has neither the ability or talent to be working on my team. He’s a cantankerous old motherfucker who seems intent on causing as much misery as possible. As if his suffering for being a flaky scalped old fart isn’t enough, he tries to bring down the mood of everyone else.

Friday I had loads to do so I sent an email to the team:

Subject: I’m offline this morning, please can you take call-backs as I have a lot of work to get through… Thanks.

Is that not clear enough for the biggest retard to understand? Obviously not this fucker who decided to take offence at me wanting a bit of quiet to plough through a mountain of paperwork which had built up over the last week whilst I was ill. I mentioned something to another colleague which was not work related, and bastard-features chimes in with, “I thought you had work to do.”

“I have”, replies I, “to call a few customers.”

“Then you don’t have time to be speaking to anyone else”

“I have to speak to customers. Or would you prefer it if I sat here on my arse and did nothing?”

“What makes you think you’re so special that you can send an email telling people not to disturb you?”

I’d had enough, “Wilf, when I start telling you how to do your job you will have the right to start telling me. Until that time, shut your fucking mouth. It’s none of your business how I go about my work.”

Silly old twat. Motherfucking, cantankerous bastard. Who the fuck does he think he is? I do twice as much work as he, and I do it better, with style he could only dream of. I hate arrogant bastards who have no reason to be arrogant. If he was any good he wouldn’t be 61 and doing what I do at less than half his age.

All this bullshit about respecting one’s elders? Fuck that. If my elders intend to be cunts then I’ll treat them as cunts. It is all they deserve. It annoys me that I work on a team without the cojones to stand up to this guy. He’s a powerless old fool with no influence over anything but the rate his scalp falls to pieces. Nobody on the team says anything to him. They just let him get on with bullying them. Not me, if I see someone acting a prick I’ll make sure they know they’re acting like a prick. Wilf acted the prick and got told. He hasn’t spoken to me since, in fact he (sits next to me) sent an EMAIL asking me to call a customer back. The irony is that if he’d done this on Friday rather than acting like the hardass he’s not we wouldn’t have the situation we do.

Maybe I should introduce him to Gamingforums. That way he might realise that you can’t fuck with me and not expect a verbal kick in the head for your trouble.

Shit, I waffle… Heading out for the night, catch you all later.


5 thoughts on “Work Sucks

  1. The bastard can use email? I’m impressed.

    The average wrinkled flee-bag I come across have an overpriced computer from PC World and have had the thing on once, to play Minesweeper.



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