Distinct lack of updates

Wow, it’s been a week since I put something on here. Are my loyal readers beginning to feel neglected? I figured that since I have some time to kill for the next 30 minutes or so, I’d update you on life as it stands.

I’m sat here waiting to get my arse in gear and head to the dentist. I’ve spent this week plagued by terrible pain in my face. I woke up one morning, I think Thursday, last week at 03:12 (it’s funny how I remember the time so exactly. I think it is due to the dream I was having. Not hot butt-secks, but someone caving my face in with a brick. Really pleasant!) and that is when it all started. I went to the Dentist that day and had a temporary filling put in, then back the next day and got some penicillin for an infection which has developed. Anyone who cracks a joke about British and bad teeth will get a skull fucking; just thought I’d point that out.

Since then it has got worse. The pain is, at times, unbearable. It is like an intense pressure under my jaw and the pain has spread now up to my right ear and down my neck. To the dentist I go today and I am hoping he just rips the fucker out. Funny isn’t it? How we go and put ourselves at the mercy of someone who stares into people’s mouths all day, lie prostrate and at his mercy, allow him to violate us (in a non-sexual way) and pay for the privilege.

Some people are scared of dentists, I’m not; I just find them to be unpleasant places filled with the high pitch scream of drills and the smell of anti-septic mouthwash. Yay! What a fucking great day I’m going to have today!!

Last week I also went to the Doctor because I haven’t been feeling particularly wonderful. I have suffered with depression in the past and these episodes of depression oft lead to me doing something self destructive. Either relationship or employment related, I’ll get into a position where I fuck up everything I have worked hard for a period of time to attain. Not this time, I decided to do something about it rather than just hope it would pass.

The Doctor said I’m not depressed. I’m too alert, communicative and aware of the situation to be depressed. She has linked my feelings of utter shittiness to a need for an improved diet and more exercise. So, starting from next pay cheque (one week today) I’m going to start improving my diet and getting more exercise. Sarah and I have decided that it would be a good idea for me to buy a bike so that we can go on bike rides in typically geeky style together. I actually think it sounds like fun.

Well, I’ve just lit my last cigarette; then I will go and get ready for oral torture. It’s a pleasant walk through the park to the dentist. It’s almost ironic that you come out the other side and into a world of pain. Hopefully, this time it will be a release from a world of pain.

Site is down, I’ll update this when I return and get it published. Ta ta, fuckers!


Two hours later:

I’m back and free from my world of pain. Had an interesting conversation with my dentist about the state of affairs in ‘Gob’. He asked me to identify which tooth was causing the problem and then asked what, get this, he asked me, ‘how do you feel about this tooth?’

‘If you mean, “do I have an emotional attachment to it”‘, replied I, ‘then no’.

He was debating whether to remove it or not. I couldn’t give a shit what he did at that point as long as the pain stopped. He took an ex-ray and launched in to a passionate speech about not losing a tooth that could be saved. It reminded me somewhat of the movie Black Hawk Down. Leave No Man Behind.

He suggested a root filling. This is going to cost me £75 in total, £25 of which had to be paid today. FUCKING HELL!! He should have just taken it out, it would have been cheaper, but I guess I’ll be thankful one day. I have to go back in a few weeks to have it completed and to pay the rest. This time, I will get it done, I will stay the course and complete the treatment and I am going to start making an effort to look after the teeth I have. They won’t be replaced, I am beginning to understand that now. Looks like no more Coca-Cola for me…

Time for me to go and check out what the kiddies are up to on the forums. I saw someone had posted an interesting article recently. I’ll see if I can find it and I’ll share it with you here.

Adios for now,


4 thoughts on “Distinct lack of updates

  1. Ouch, good that you’re feeling better now, at least physically.

    I had a run in with depression last year in september, and it turned out to be me being overweight that caused it. I tried to do the limited sport that I can and started a diet. Haven’t felt better before in my life. Just keep at it.

    Teeth are like toes: you’ll miss them once they’re gone, believe me. Except for wisdom teeth, of course.
    Wisdom teeth are strange: you either react well or horribly painful to the removal. I had mine taken out surgically in South Africa, with hardly any swelling and I could eat the evening after the op.
    My brother, on the other hand, had them removed by a dentist in Germany, had terrible pain and swelled up big time.
    Never go to German dentists, they’re retired butchers.


    C.J. Haidt


  2. I haven’t been to the dentist in year’s. I should really go, but by the time I get the dental through my job, I either quit of am fired 😛


  3. My dentist was almost heartbroken when he had to rip 4 of my perfectly healthy teeth out. They were to make room for a brace which I didn’t really need – my teeth were just slightly off perfect – but it was free so I thought I might aswell get one. I think perhaps all dentists must have some sort of emotional attachment to teeth.



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