Great Day!!

It started well, when I woke up and sent an immediate message to my manager at work asking for the day off because I ‘had some things to take care of’, and it just got better.

I went over to see Sarah at midday and we decided to go into town for a bite to eat. I asked Terry and Heidi if they’d like to join us as it would be an opportunity for us all to get to know each other. Considering Heidi has practically moved in, I figured it was about time I found out a little more about my housemate’s new love. She’s a nice girl. Can seem a bit dizzy sometimes, but that isn’t anything but endearing.

I think I’ve been neglecting Sarah recently. She’s not been well and I haven’t really been there for her. I’ve been preoccupied with other things. Sometimes i can be really selfish. I’m sorry about that, but I am used to me me me, used to being self-centered with only my own needs to consider. I am making more of an effort, I just hope it’s enough. I talked briefly with Sarah about the future. When my house is finished, which I expect to be by the end of the year, I am going to put it on the market, sell it, and we’re going to look at buying somewhere between us. Somewhere bigger, a home for two. Somewhere we can both be happy.

To that end, I have informed Kory that I will be out of gamingforums by the end of the year. It simply takes up too much of my time. Time I could be spending with Sarah I spend here, in front of my computer, alone. Something has to give, and I’m afraid that it will be the forums before my love for the sweetest girl I know. Will I miss it? Yes, definately, but it is imcompatible with my future plans. Dedication to an online community and leaping head long into adult life with a partner are not two things which can go hand in hand.

I feel like right now, everything is working the way it should. Job is great, life is great, relationships is great. I don’t want to fuck it up. I CAN’T fuck it up. I owe it to myself to maintain this delicate equilibrium I have reached. Nothing can come between me and my future.

So yeah, today has been a great day. I made some decisions I will have to live with come what may, and I am happy I have made them.

Sex was good too… wink


6 thoughts on “Great Day!!

  1. “I have informed Kory that I will be out of gamingforums by the end of the year”

    Kory plugged his ear’s and didn’t listen. Nah, I know what it is like to try and work on something, especially new, and adjust. It’s hard to adjust when your used to putting so much time into one thing and then trying to do both. It all “sounds” simple but its not. I just hope by the end of the year you and Sarah might be settled, and your spare time can be GF time.

    I want sex.


  2. Kory plugged his ear’s and didn’t listen.

    i’m sorry, did you say something? i had my fingers jammed in my ears and was humming something very loud =P

    kidding… good to see you’ve got your priorities straight, al. sex before the internet, thats what i always say (as of two seconds ago).

    good things always come after bad things. good to know you had a great day after a shit day.


  3. We at gamingforums will miss you. Please drop by, if only occasionally.
    Just pop out of nowhere, own some dumbass in the melee, and leave.


  4. …can I have your position? 😉

    Great to see your life is starting to sort itself out. Mine’s still a complete mess. Always has been, always will be, I guess 😉



  5. Damnit you’ll be missed after GF. We’re going to need a strong replacement, as no-one keeps the dicipline (especially the melee) in line like you do.

    Glad you’re enjoying life now after the shitty day. Tell me, do you really see yourself making a big long career out of Orange, or do you think you’ll look for something new eventually? From the outside it looks like you’re pretty pissed with the ‘dicks on the other end of the phones’.


  6. I tolerate the ‘dicks on the other end of the phone’ because they pay me well. Career wise? it depends on what opportunities come up. Right now I have one of the best positions in the call centre. I get respect, freedom, and well rewarded for my efforts. We’ll see what comes up in the future before deciding if it’s for ever or not.

    Regarding the forums, I’m sure you’ll manage. gizmo and n0e are perfectly capable of maintaining order.



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