Shitty Day

Yeah, I’ve had one. It’s been shit. Totally shit. In fact, I can’t think of a single saving grace from today. If I could start it again, I wouldn’t because I’m one day closer to the weekend, but I am pissed at today. I think I’ll just go to bed and hope that tomorrow brings better fortune than this pile of shit I’ve had to wade through today.

I’ve had rain, morons talking shit to me, more rain, cold, more rain.

The office where I work seems to have gone into summer mode so they’ve shut off the heating. It’s almost too cold to concentrate. I’ll wear something other than a thin shirt tomorrow. It pissed it down on the way home from work and I got soaked. That makes me angry, especially when it is combined with cold. Cold and rain, great fucking combination. The weather man is a shit for bringing me this. People are idiots. Someone couldn’t do what they needed to do so they refused to take a call from someone who turned to me with a whiney ‘I need help, please, I’m so shit at my job’ line. Get a fucking spine, idiot. I don’t care if the retard you just spoke to doesn’t know how to do their job, it’s not my fucking problem. Go retrain them and grow a pair. Fucking pussy.

Fuck it, I’m off to bed.


2 thoughts on “Shitty Day

  1. OMFGZ New Comment!!! 😉

    Everyone has shit days, but that does sound particularly nasty. Weather has the tendency of being bitchy exactly when you don’t need it. Like today. I woke up, got ready, and was in a fairly good mood. Then I drew back the curtains and: GRAY. RAIN.

    Fuck the weather. Fuck it in its stupid arse.


  2. Weird… up here it was extremely sunny, and I had a brilliant day. I built an automatic watering system for the greenhouse, finally sorted the cable crisis round the back of the computer (they were tangled into one big foot-thick wire before) and watched a DVD I bought recently.

    Sorry to sink it in…



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