Work tomorrow…

Fuck shit bastard arse.

I feel better for getting that off my chest. I have to go back to work tomorrow after a week off and I am not looking forward to it. Back to listening to the whiney bullshit of fucking idiots with as much clue about their accounts as I have about anal sex with a man. It irritates the shit out of me when some fucker, who shouldn’t even be listed as a business customer anyway due to having one handset, comes online bitching that he can get cheaper phones from T-Mobile.


I have neither the time or patience to deal with these petty little bastards who think they’re hot shit because they own a lame company selling second hand condoms to street urchins. Take your phone, and shove it up your loose arse, you fucker. To top it off, and just to make the experience of working that much more rewarding, I’ll be back to listening to idiot staffers who think they know what they talk about. We have this retarded ‘no blame’ culture-bullshit in effect, meaning that when some retard fucks up meaning an account comes into Retentions, because of their stupidity, I can’t issue a bollocking like they deserve. It is never anybody’s fault. My arse, it isn’t. We should start highlighting the idiots and operating a name and shame policy. Then we could perhaps get rid of the fuckers who cause us the most work.

Fuck work, fuck customers, fuck Orange, fuck them all.

For a bit of insight into Orange, look here.


Edited: 22:46

To continue this, I don’t hate my job, I just have a typical, 21st Century disillusionment with having to work to pay the bills. There must be more to life than work, right? That’s all we seem to do these days, work work work. We live at such a fast pace that it leaves little time for anything else.

I’m not one of those who lives to work, rather I work to live, but it is such a huge part of life to me. Think about it:

7am – Wake up.

9am – Start work.

5pm – Finish work.

11pm – Go to bed.

That’s typical of many people, probably the majority of working adults. Shit, it’s likely the minimum time put in by most. Work takes up 50% of your existence.

Bah, fuck it. I’m going to bed.

Good night all.


7 thoughts on “Work tomorrow…

  1. if you’re that un-happy at your place of work you should be looking for a new job (not saying you haven’t thought of / started that, but yeah…).


  2. I work on the Business side of things. So, if you have a personal phone and call through to customer services, you won’t get to me. I do Retentions. If someone wants to leave, they have to go through me. It involves selling products, services, and all that shit so I have to be up-to-date with all the latest stuff coming out. Sometimes it’s interesting, it is rarely rewarding, it’s usually annoying. I have a growing contempt for the job I do and the company I do it for.


  3. Problem is mate, that the money for what I have to do is great. It’s a good trade off. Deal with muppets, get paid well.

    yeah, good pay would probably keep me going back, too.



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