Blog Features

Can’t sleep, so thought I’d tell you about the new items added recently.

First, we have About the Author which is a reasonable biography and list of other entirely pointless information you’ll have no interest in. There are some links to some really good bands though which might be worth checking out.

Next, the Photo Gallery. I’ll keep this updated with images of me, my friends and anything else I think might be of interest. Maybe you’ll start to create a picture of who I am if you can see me in my natural surroundings.

Finally, my favourite, The Shit List. I just hit upon this idea about five minutes ago and thought, ‘why the hell not?’ I’ve made many friends and a few enemies in my time online, and this is an ideal opportunity to expose all the retards who thought they could fuck with me. For starters we’ll be featuring Wade (idiot) and Cataphract (Rebel without a clue). I’m looking foward to it already!

I also need some feedback on an idea. There is a feature on WordPress which enables me to publish articles via email. I was thinking of creating a seperate ‘blog page and making it a public email address. What do you think?

Signing off,


Just to note, that about an hour later, The Shit List was updated with the first entry. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Blog Features

  1. i don’t quite get the e-mail article thing. do you mean like a mailing list or something?

    and i can relate to the not being able to sleep thing. happens to me every night. going to start reading the shit list and your bio after this.


  2. Just like to point out the link to the shit list in your sig is broken, but the sidebar is fine.

    I’ve fixed that now. Thanks.

    i don’t quite get the e-mail article thing. do you mean like a mailing list or something?

    No, I mean having a page where anyone can have something published. You would email in and it would appear on a seperate page. I have found a plug in to make certain categories not appear on the front page, when I get it to work I’ll run some tests.


  3. oh, i see.

    i personally probably wouldn’t send much in. i’ve got a site i can vent on. but if i wrote a short story or something i’d send it in.

    can’t speak for anyone else on this, obviously.



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