Anti-social media

I always thought, quite romantically perhaps, that the idea of social media was to bring people together. It was almost like in a more inclusive, closer-knit world, the opportunities to make connections with other human beings were more plentiful. We were ‘stronger together’ and connected in more ways. I was wrong. Social media is far … More Anti-social media

The thin blue line

I’m going to walk into work tomorrow knowing that the thin blue line is even thinner following the attacks in London yesterday. One of my colleagues was stabbed and killed by a terrorist. This is someone I have never met, someone I never would have known, someone I could have walked passed on the street, … More The thin blue line

26) Why posting a #blogaday is a really bad idea

It’s exhausting. I’ve enjoyed the experience, but it has worn me out. Each day putting together a new post, often some research, proof reading, finding relevant images to attach. Then finally monitoring comments, replying where applicable. Towards the end I was fast running out of ideas to write about. It became a struggle as writers … More 26) Why posting a #blogaday is a really bad idea

25) Whatever happened to good old fashioned romance?

I’m currently in London and was struggling for something to write about. I’ll write about London when I get back. I turned to Twitter for suggestions, and in amongst ‘vaginas’ and ‘the future of toys’ was this honest gem: Interesting, right? Whatever did happen to good old fashioned romance? Or, to put it another way; … More 25) Whatever happened to good old fashioned romance?


Sometimes I think that Twitter is a bit like a school playground. A typical school playground, if I remember what that was like all those years ago, divided into factions. You’ve got the cool kids, the geeks, sporty kids, the beautiful people, the successful ones, then there’s the amateur dramatic group, Manchester United supporters, Liverpool … More 23) BULLYING NOBBERS