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So angry. Gave Tom £10 to get his mum – the ex – something for her birthday. He spent £5 and kept £5 for himself. Infuriating as there is NOTHING I can do about it. I have no control, no say in his parenting. I’m at a loss at what […]


Things with Tom go from bad to worse. He was supposed to come Saturday morning but text to say he was going out with his friends instead. He was supposed to then come for tea on Tuesday night but didn’t show then text to say he forgot. I’d reminded him […]

“These things happen”

On Friday we learned that our expected baby didn’t have a heartbeat. Devastated isn’t enough to cover the feeling of loss. I know that he didn’t have a life yet. I know that he wasn’t really a baby being so early in the pregnancy but that doesn’t make the loss […]


Had to tell T that I’m unable to make our planned day out next week. Tough sometimes having jobs/relationships/babies. He replied, “Pointless arranging stuff no one can ever make it.” It’s the first time in years I’ve had to decline. I’d hardly call that ‘ever’. Such a drama queen.

Man up, brother!

Spent this morning with my nephew at the park. All the while my brother (his Dad) is commenting on ‘the facebooks’ his support for Boris Johnson and the nasty party. To be expected, really, isn’t it? I wrote recently about still not speaking to my brother. Today that decision was […]

The coming storm

I sat looking out over the emerald lawn looking up to a sky which had turned from azure blue to a blanket of grey. The air was electric, the pressure palpable and thunder played a consistent cacophony in the distance. The storm was coming, it was only a matter of […]